Monday, February 17, 2014

Look #4

Hey Guys,

Today's Outfit is inspired by Comfort, it reminds me of those days when I wan't to look cute, but I don't feel like it. It's a simple outfit, that is stylish yet extremely comfy! I really love it because this outfit can easily be turned dressy. I was gifted this sweater from my father. While the skirt is an undershirt camisole from Forever 21. You'll see that I use camisole's all the time in my outfits, because it's a win for everyone when you get an undershirt and a skirt as one. For my casual look I used a random scarf, and boots that I bought from Marshall's. For the night outfit, I switched a couple of minor things. Because of the size of the sweater, and the outfit's casual manner I rolled the sleeves up for the dressy look. Rolled up sleeves gives a cleaner and more professional look show's that your ready to work. The belt was from Old Navy while the shoes I bought at Mandees for $5. I'm pretty sure, currently you wouldn't be able to find this price at Mandees. However, I got these shoes when they were on sale for $19.99, I was eyeing them for the longest time until everything under $20 was $5. Originally these heels were $39.99, so I guess I've learned my lesson that waiting isn't that bad. 




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