Saturday, February 8, 2014

I miss fall.....

Hey Guys,

I love fall, I love the falling leaves, home-made pumpkin spice ice-cream, the weather, my birthday in september, going back to school, and did I mention to tell you that I love fall? I wore this outfit last fall, and It basically expresses my eccentric look. It isn't every day when I decide to wear a striped poor boy hat, with leg warmers. lol. However, this poor boy is quite special to me it's a hat that my grandfather gave my dad, and now I'm rocking it. The leg warmers don't have a cute story, but their really appreciated during fall and winter. I got my wool skirt from a local thrift shop, my shirt from Tommy Hilfiger, and my cardigan from Nordstrom. Overall, this outfit is perfect for fashionable comfort.

IMG_6092 IMG_6088


fashionforlunch said...

Love this ootd

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